Delivering value for money

It’s not just about how much we spend, but how and where we spend it

Making every penny count

As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest surpluses back into the local community by building new homes, improving existing homes and supporting community initiatives.

That makes it even more important that we provide Value for Money in what we do.

Value for Money is not just about how much we spend, but how and where we spend it. We need to make sure that every penny counts.

Every year we publish a Value for Money self-assessment, so that all our stakeholders can see how we are achieving value for money in delivering our purpose and objectives. Follow the links below to our assessments.

Value for Money Self-Assessment

Follow the links here to our assessments.

Value for Money and Performance Report 2022Value for Money and Performance Report 2022
VFM 2021VFM 2021
VFM 2020VFM 2020
VFM 2019VFM 2019
VFM 2018VFM 2018
VFM 2017VFM 2017
VFM 2016VFM 2016
VFM 2015VFM 2015
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What Rooftop means to me

"Rooftop cares, we care about our customers and colleagues, we care about customer service, inclusivity, and partnership working, to support the most vulnerable. We create great places to live and work."

Lisa Nicholls

Executive Director - Operations

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