Customer engagement

It’s simple really, if you want to be involved in what we do, at whatever level, then you can!

Engage with us

We want to put your experience of Rooftop at the heart of how we change and grow and get better at meeting your needs.

“Customer Engagement” is just another way of saying that we will listen and then we’ll do something about it. It’s simple really. If you want to be involved in what we do, at whatever level, then you can…

Customer Scrutiny Panel

The Customer Scrutiny Panel (CSP) (formerly the Residents Excellence Panel or REP) is a group of residents set up to scrutinise Rooftop services to its residents, to make recommendations for improvement and to act as a source of assurance.

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Community Fund

The Rooftop Community Fund is a special scheme which is the responsibility of a group of Rooftop customers.

This group of involved residents works on your behalf to improve your housing and related services and the quality of life for residents and the wider community.

The group can distribute funds to projects which directly benefit residents in their local communities.

Routes of customer engagement

At Rooftop we aim to put customers at the heart of everything we do, and there are a number of ways that you can get involved with us to help shape our services.

Help us improve our standards

You can apply to be involved with us as a resident co-ordinator in a team of residents who are responsible for carrying out a programme of customer satisfaction research for Rooftop and other partners and reviewing our local service standards and commitment to residents.

If you would like to be involved with the Apt Quest surveying you need to be confident over the phone, and able to listen to and record what people are saying and able to listen to the views of other residents on our services.

You will be paid for carrying out this role for us. If you would like to know more about Apt Quest you can contact them by email on

We know that some residents welcome the chance to be involved from home. So as to provide good quality services to our customers we have policies and procedures to guide how we work and to make sure that we provide excellent quality services.

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Independence at Home group

This group was set up in November 2010 to encourage older customers who receive support as well as other services to get involved and give a view.

If you are interested in how Rooftop works to improve services for older customers then you would be welcome to join the group.

The group meets at least four times a year, and you would be expected to contribute to discussions on services to older customers including for residents living in our schemes, meet some of our staff and give your views on the activities programme for older residents.

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Local residents' groups

By forming a local residents' group in your area, you will have the opportunity to address any issues in your community, make a case for changes and improvements to services we provide, and give your community a voice.

​Because this is so important to the work Rooftop does you will receive training and money to help you set up a group and get together with other residents in your community to discuss local issues, and in return you’ll be expected to either meet regularly throughout the year, or get together for a short time to tackle a specific local issue.​

As you get more involved you may want to look into a Tenant Management Organisation or TMO. We're always happy to talk through options for your community.

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Customer input into policies and procedures

We welcome residents' views on how we carry out our work and by getting involved you can really help us get our work right.

If you want to become involved you’ll receive copies of policies and procedures that are being developed or reviewed through the post, so it’s ideal if meeting regularly isn’t possible for you. By getting the documents you’ll review the policy or procedure and send it back to us with your comments and suggestions.

If you wish to remain involved you can join a small focus group of customers and staff to review the policy or procedure together.

If you would be interested in being part of a Focus group please contact your Neighbourhood Officer to advise which service areas you are interested in.

Contact us

You can contact us via our online form, email or telephone or by visiting our office in Evesham.

You will be contacted by your Neighbourhood Officer within 5 days or within 1 day if the complaint is of a serious nature

(Always call 999 in an emergency/you suspect a crime has been committed)

What Rooftop means to me

"Rooftop is an organisation that works hard to support the local community. We do more than put a roof over people’s heads. I am proud of the quality of service we offer."


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