Moving in

We know that getting a new home can be exciting, and life changing, and that you’re eager to get started.

The Process

We want to make the process of getting your new home as easy as possible, and we really want you to keep your home, which is why, when you sign up with us you’ll be taken through a tenancy sign up checklist.

When you get an offer of a home you’ll know which type of tenancy that you’re being offered. These can be Assured, Assured Protected or Starter. You’ll already know tenancy type.

Service Standards

Our Service Standards, as written in our Customer Charter, tell you what services you can expect, and how we carry out those services.

Watch the video for what you should expect when Moving In.

Find out how we set rents and fund new homes

We think very carefully about how we develop new homes for rent, making sure that they are financially viable – what we mean by financially viable is the rent for the homes (whether it is “affordable rent” or “social rent”) needs to cover the costs of development, loan repayments, maintenance, and investment over time.

Will I afford my home?

One of the most important forms that you’ll be asked to fill in is the Income and Expenditure form. We want you to be able to afford your new home, and we certainly don’t want you to get into trouble with your money, that may put your home at risk. If you feel you do need help go to our money advice section. We’ll look at both how much money is coming in and how much is going out and whether that property would be right for you.

You’ll be asked to set up a direct debit with Rooftop, it’s the easiest and most secure way to know that your rent is being paid. If you can afford it, we’d always recommend that you make a slight over payment each month, so that if your circumstances change you don’t immediately fall into arrears and it can be a very useful safety net.

We make sure to carry out a Pre Tenancy Assessment – that looks at your needs, such as disabilities, mobility problems, and any other extra support that you may require for you to stay in your home and to see if that home would be suitable for you.

Your details and home will be safe

You’ll be asked to complete a Data Protection form so that we can contact benefit agencies and other supporting groups on your behalf.

We always offer a fire risk assessment visit from the Fire Service, but this is entirely up to you and can be turned down, and we also make sure that you’re aware of the need for home contents insurance. You don’t have to have contents insurance, but we strongly recommend that you do.

On all new build properties, we’ll ask you to sign for the upkeep of the new garden. Because new build properties gardens may be newly turfed and are ‘settling in’ there may be a little extra work in their upkeep, and we want you to know your responsibilities for that.

Getting the right start

If you get or are eligible for Housing Benefit, we’ll make sure that you have access to the right paperwork and that it’s been completed.

Sometimes in a property there are items that have been left by previous tenants that Rooftop wouldn’t be responsible for. For example, if a property had a recent kitchen built in by the previous tenant Rooftop wouldn’t be responsible for the repair and upkeep of the kitchen. Things like this would be detailed in the Handover Checklist that you’d be asked to sign so that you’re aware of your responsibilities.​

When you move in and if you’d like, our Money Advisors can provide help and support with getting the right benefit entitlements.

The final piece of paperwork is what we call the “Core Form” this records household ages and makeup, and other details about you. This is a regulatory requirement; it means that we can show The Regulator of Social Housing that we are giving homes to the people we should be giving homes to.

Your safety is paramount and it is crucial that you feel your home is safe

Nothing is more important to us, and we want to ensure the safety of those who live with you or visit you.  We are also committed to ensuring that indoor and outdoor areas are safe, and any risks are carefully managed.

We have a duty to comply with the law, in addition to several standards set out by the Government that are enforced by the Regulator of Social Housing. Wherever we can, Rooftop will always aim to go above and beyond the minimum standards required.

Contact us

You can contact us at any time to find out any information about our moving in process and our pre-tenancy checks.

What Rooftop means to me

"I'm very happy with the contractors that do my repairs. They have always been so polite, and they get the job done. I’ve found they come out quickly too."

Mrs Anonymous


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