As a registered housing provider Rooftop Housing Group is serious about transparency, honesty, and clarity.

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Our reporting

As a registered housing provider Rooftop Housing Group is serious about transparency, honesty, and clarity.

Every year we publish our financial reports, and our ‘Customer Report’ so that customers, investors and stakeholders can see where we are spending our money, and how we are fulfilling our commitment to value for money.

As a not-for-profit we know that every penny in our organisation needs to be used to help our communities and we are committed to showing you how we do that.

Annual reports

Every year in line with financial regulations we publish our Annual Financial Report.

RHA Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022-2023RHA Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022-2023
RHG Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022-2023RHG Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022-2023
RHA Annual Report and Financial Statement 2021-22RHA Annual Report and Financial Statement 2021-22
RHG Annual Report and Financial Statement 2021-22RHG Annual Report and Financial Statement 2021-22
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2020 - 2021Annual Report and Financial Statements 2020 - 2021
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019 - 2020Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019 - 2020
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018 - 2019Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018 - 2019
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017 - 2018Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017 - 2018
Annual Report 2016-17Annual Report 2016-17
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Customer reports

We want to show you the good we’re doing in your community.

Annual Report to Residents 2022 - 2023Annual Report to Residents 2022 - 2023
Annual Report to Residents 2021-22Annual Report to Residents 2021-22
Annual Report to Residents 2020-21Annual Report to Residents 2020-21
Annual Report to Residents 2019-20Annual Report to Residents 2019-20
Annual Report to Residents 2018-19Annual Report to Residents 2018-19
Annual Report to Residents 2017-18Annual Report to Residents 2017-18
Annual Report to Residents 2016-17Annual Report to Residents 2016-17
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Corporate reports

The plans set out what we will achieve for the years ahead, reflecting what customers have told us matters most.

Corporate Plan 2023 - 2026Corporate Plan 2023 - 2026
Annual Plan 2023-2024Annual Plan 2023-2024
Our VisionOur Vision
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Customer Complaints and Service Requests

When customers contact us to raise a concern or issue, their feedback is logged as a service request.

Some service requests go on to become formal complaints, and our complaints policy sets out what our customers can expect from us if a service request does become a formal complaint.

Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2022-23Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2022-23
Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2021 - 2022Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2021 - 2022
Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2020 - 2021Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2020 - 2021
Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2019 - 2020 Complaints and Dissatisfaction 2019 - 2020
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Complaints and Dissatisfactions Quarterly Reports

Complaints and Dissatisfied Contacts Report April - June 2023Complaints and Dissatisfied Contacts Report April - June 2023
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Complaints Self Assessment

The Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code (CHC) sets out a range of recommendations and criteria designed to improve the quality and consistency of complaint handling across the Housing sector. It is also intended to enable access to the complaints process by ensuring Housing providers promote their complaints process with residents and that customers understand how to make a complaint and what they should expect from their landlord when they do complain.

Complaints Self-Assessment 2022Complaints Self-Assessment 2022
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Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting

Rooftop Housing Group is proud to be an early adopter of the new housing association Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting standard, as overseen by The Good Economy.

Environmental, Social and Governance 2022-2023Environmental, Social and Governance 2022-2023
Environmental, Social and Governance 2021 - 2022Environmental, Social and Governance 2021 - 2022
Environmental, Social and Governance 2020 - 2021Environmental, Social and Governance 2020 - 2021
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Development spend

We want to show you the good we’re doing in your community. Development spend over £500.

Development Spend - August 2023Development Spend - August 2023
Development Spend - July 2023Development Spend - July 2023
Development Spend - June 2023Development Spend - June 2023
Development Spend - May 2023Development Spend - May 2023
Development Spend - April 2023Development Spend - April 2023
Development Spend - March 2023Development Spend - March 2023
Development Spend - February 2023Development Spend - February 2023
Development Spend - January 2023Development Spend - January 2023
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Development Spend - December 2022Development Spend - December 2022
Development Spend - November 2022Development Spend - November 2022
Development Spend - October 2022Development Spend - October 2022
Development Spend - September 2022Development Spend - September 2022
Development Spend - August 2022Development Spend - August 2022
Development Spend - July 2022Development Spend - July 2022
Development Spend - June 2022Development Spend - June 2022
Development Spend - May 2022Development Spend - May 2022
Development Spend - April 2022Development Spend - April 2022
Development Spend - March 2022Development Spend - March 2022
Development Spend - February 2022Development Spend - February 2022
Development Spend - January 2022Development Spend - January 2022
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Development Spend - December 2021Development Spend - December 2021
Development Spend - November 2021Development Spend - November 2021
Development Spend - October 2021Development Spend - October 2021
Development Spend - September 2021Development Spend - September 2021
Development Spend - August 2021Development Spend - August 2021
Development Spend - July 2021Development Spend - July 2021
Development Spend - June 2021Development Spend - June 2021
Development Spend - May 2021Development Spend - May 2021
Development Spend - April 2021Development Spend - April 2021
Development Spend - March 2021Development Spend - March 2021
Development Spend - February 2021Development Spend - February 2021
Development Spend - January 2021Development Spend - January 2021
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Development Spend - December 2020Development Spend - December 2020
Development Spend - November 2020Development Spend - November 2020
Development Spend - October 2020Development Spend - October 2020
Development Spend - September 2020Development Spend - September 2020
Development Spend - August 2020Development Spend - August 2020
Development Spend - July 2020Development Spend - July 2020
Development Spend - June 2020Development Spend - June 2020
Development Spend - May 2020Development Spend - May 2020
Development Spend - April 2020Development Spend - April 2020
Development Spend - March 2020Development Spend - March 2020
Development Spend - February 2020Development Spend - February 2020
Development Spend - January 2020Development Spend - January 2020
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Development Spend - December 2019Development Spend - December 2019
Development Spend - November 2019Development Spend - November 2019
Development Spend - September 2019Development Spend - September 2019
Development Spend - August 2019Development Spend - August 2019
Development Spend - July 2019Development Spend - July 2019
Development Spend - June 2019Development Spend - June 2019
Development Spend - May 2019Development Spend - May 2019
Development Spend - April 2019Development Spend - April 2019
Development Spend - March 2019Development Spend - March 2019
Development Spend - February 2019Development Spend - February 2019
Development Spend - January 2019Development Spend - January 2019
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Approved non-confidential minutes of the Joint Boards

As part of the NHF Code of Governance (2020) Action Plan we have committed to publish approved non-confidential minutes of the Joint Boards.

Non-confidential minutes July 2023Non-confidential minutes July 2023
Non-confidential minutes May 2023Non-confidential minutes May 2023
Non-confidential minutes March 2023Non-confidential minutes March 2023
Non-confidential minutes January 2023Non-confidential minutes January 2023
Non-confidential minutes November 2022Non-confidential minutes November 2022
Non-confidential minutes September 2022Non-confidential minutes September 2022
Non-confidential minutes July 2022Non-confidential minutes July 2022
Non-confidential minutes May 2022Non-confidential minutes May 2022
Non-confidential minutes March 2022Non-confidential minutes March 2022
Non-confidential minutes Jan 2022Non-confidential minutes Jan 2022
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What Rooftop means to me

"I have been living in Rooftop accommodation for over 2 years. They look after everything - that's such a relief when you're a keyworker!"

Dr Ali

Keyworker Customer

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