Anti-social behaviour

We will work together with you our customers and other agencies to help make your communities better places to live.

Helping to make happy homes

We aim to use prevention and early intervention in our approach to help resolve issues between neighbours.

If you are experiencing a problem with your neighbour, talking to them is often the simplest way to resolve things before asking us to get involved.

If you are experiencing Anti-Social Behaviour, you can expect an appointment with your Neighbourhood Officer within seven days or one day for very serious issues.

You can report Anti-Social Behaviour on our main number 01386 420800.

What is considered to be anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can include:

  • Noise nuisance, which may include loud music for example
  • Hate-related incidents which is a form of harassment based on race, gender, disability status, religion, age, sexual orientation
  • Vandalism and/or damage to property
  • Violence

Serious incidents should always be reported to the police in the first instance.

How we deal with reports of anti-social behaviour

You can contact us via the Rooftop App, by telephoning 01386 420800 or by visiting our office in Evesham.​

You will be contacted by your Neighbourhood Officer within 5 working days or within 1 working day if the complaint is of a serious nature (Always call 999 in an emergency/you suspect a crime has been committed)

We will agree an action plan with you where appropriate, and we will work with you to help achieve resolution. This may include the involvement of other agencies and may also include the use of mediation. We will also agree with you how you would like to be kept informed about your case.​

It is important to know that in most cases, all other interventions will have been attempted before legal action is considered.

What is not considered as anti-social behaviour

Sometimes other people’s behaviour is inconsiderate, but this does not mean it is considered to be anti-social behaviour.​

Examples of behaviour that may not automatically be considered anti-social include:

  • Children playing
  • Babies crying
  • Gossip
  • Social Media disputes
  • Gestures or ‘looks’
  • One off parties
  • General domestic noise at reasonable times

It is important to remember that people live in different ways and tolerance levels can be different. Although behaviour may sometimes be seen as inconsiderate it is not necessarily anti-social behaviour.

We will be clear with you on what issues can be dealt with as anti-social behaviour and offer advice as appropriate.

Contact us

You can contact us via our online form, email or telephone or by visiting our office in Evesham.​

You will be contacted by your Neighbourhood Officer within 5 days or within 1 day if the complaint is of a serious nature.

(Always call 999 in an emergency/you suspect a crime has been committed.)

What Rooftop means to me

"The Neighbourhood Officer was brilliant…I've just moved into this property and the services I've used have been excellent."

N Bodie


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