Our Purpose

Our most powerful asset is our purpose, which illuminates everything we do and fires our passion and commitment. 


- Our Mission -

We build great homes and support successful lives by being a better business 

About us

Since 1994 we’ve helped people in housing need get a safe, secure, and appropriate home. For nearly a quarter of a century we have been at the heart of our communities, serving our customers… We are proud to have over 6,500 homes in South Worcestershire and North Gloucestershire making some vibrant communities.

Our communities are changing, and we are changing with them. We’re becoming the business our customers will need for the next quarter century. You can help us become a modern, agile, lean business. At Rooftop we live our values because our values build our business. Our values underpin our development and rewards programme, and our new Personal Development Plans make sure that our people have the up to date skills for an ever-changing work environment.

Asset-holding, charitable Registered Society and Registered Provider of social housing

Rooftop Housing Association Ltd

dormant, non-asset holding company, non-charitable Registered Society and Registered Provider of social housing

Rooftop Homes Ltd

Rooftop Management Ltd

dormant company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Rooftop Housing Group Ltd

Audit and Risk

Nominations and Performance Committee

Remuneration Committee

Rooftop Housing Group Limited

Non-asset holding, non-charitable Registered Society and Registered Provider of social housing



Our Values

Everything we do, for our customers and for each other, is underpinned by our values

- Leadership -

Housing associations (also called Registered Providers) are governed by their ‘rules’ which define our not-for-profit objectives, shareholding membership and constitute the Board as our governing body. Board members have a wide range of skills and experience reflecting the services we provide, our customers and the size and financial complexity and strength of the business.

The Board’s role is to provide strategic direction, make sure that we are accountable and to support and advise.

Each association has a Board but the members combine their functions through a single governance meeting that is held six times during the year. In addition, the board members attend regular seminars, business planning and formal events. The Boards are committed to high standards of corporate governance and have adopted the National Housing Federation’s ‘Excellence in governance’ code and good practice guidance.

Executive Team

Boris Worrall

Group Chief Executive

Lisa Nicholls

David Hannon

Development Director

Caroline Dykes

Finance Director

Claire Newman

People Director

Rooftop Careers

Rooftop is a modern, dynamic and flexible social business, aiming to deliver high quality, value for money services. We are proud of our people and what we achieve, making a positive impact on every day lives.

We value and invest in our people, celebrate success and reward  their services with a wide range of Rewards and Benefits.

It is through our talented people that business objectives and outcomes are delivered, to succeed, we need the right people with the right skills and values, at the right time.

Value for money (VFM)

As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest surpluses back into the local community by building new homes, improving existing homes and supporting community initiatives.

That makes it even more important that we provide Value for Money in what we do. Value for Money is not just about how much we spend, but how and where we spend it. We need to make sure that every penny counts.

Every year we publish a Value for Money self-assessment, so that all our stakeholders can see how we are achieving value for money in delivering our purpose and objectives. Follow the links below to our assessments.



As a V1/G1 rated registered housing provider Rooftop Housing Group is serious about transparency, honesty, and clarity.

Every year we publish our financial reports, and our ‘Customer Report’ so that customers, investors and stakeholders can see where we are spending our money, and how we are fulfilling our commitment to value for money.

As a not-for-profit we know that every penny in our organisation needs to be used to help our communities and we are committed to showing you how we do that.



Rooftop Housing Group includes Rooftop Housing Association and Rooftop Homes Limited  Read More


Risk Assessments


Registered address: 70 High Street, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 4YD 
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