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Helping more customers get help with their money.

Rooftop Communications Team
October 6, 2021

Our team can help you get through the difficult times, with money advice, benefits advice, and payment plans, so that you can stay in your home for the good times.

We understand that talking about money worries is difficult, but you may be putting off the call that will help you most. We have helped hundreds of our customers just like you stay in their home by maximising their income, get out of rent debt and money trouble.

We want to help to everyone who is experiencing difficulty and to do that we will be using a new message system…

If you are in rent debt with us and it is not linked to benefit payment cycles (some people go in and out of debt because of when their benefits are paid) you will get a call from our new automated system to ask you to get in contact, or even to just press 1 and you will be put through to the team.

We are here to help you, we have money advice, and benefits advice, and we can work together to help you apply for benefits you did not know you were entitled to, apply for funding where appropriate and most importantly to stay in your home.

Some people leave Rooftop homes with debt. Whether that is rent debt, or we have had to repair damage to their home when they moved out and we need to charge them for that work (this is called ‘re-charge’). This debt will stop people getting a home with another housing association, or with Rooftop.

This debt needs to be paid, and we are getting in contact with those people so that we can use that money owed to us to fund our services to you.

As a not-for-profit housing association, when you are having money difficulties, it is your neighbours and friends who are helping you out by paying their rent, and when you get back to the good times, you will be helping other people who are having trouble… we are all working together to help each other.

We want you to live free from money worries.

We can help.

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Rooftop Communications Team
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