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Customer Charter

We want to give you excellent customer service and a great experience when you contact us.

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Delivering excellent services and a great experience

This Charter sets out how Rooftop Housing Group will run its services to meet your needs, regardless of the type of Rooftop home you live in.

Customer Promises

Our Customer Promises are the way we will work together through your time living in a Rooftop home.

customer promises document

Our Promises

Service Standards

Our Service Standards tell you what services you can expect, and how we carry out those services.

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Moving In

Rent and Service Charges

Neighbourhoods and Support

Building New Homes



Keeping You Safe

Engagement standards

Our Engagement Standards show what you can expect from us when you get in contact with us.

There are also different groups that you can join and be part of. These groups help Rooftop give better service

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Help Us to Help You

Have a Conversation

Get Involved

What Rooftop means to me

"I'm very happy with the contractors that do my repairs. They have always been so polite, and they get the job done. I’ve found they come out quickly too."

Mrs Anonymous


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