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Your Neighbourhood Officer is there to help you with various tenancy related issues 



At Rooftop Housing Group we have a team of dedicated Neighbourhood Officers on hand to offer you advice and support about your tenancy and community. Their aim is to ensure that your tenancy with us is happy and successful.

Your Neighbourhood Officer is your main point of contact for any help and support that you may want about your home and the surrounding area. This support covers day to day housing enquiries, advice on your tenancy and how to report problems.


Below you will find all of our Neighbourhood Officers and the areas that they manage.

  • Moving In

  • Tenancy management in that ensuring both we and you meet the obligations set out in the tenancy agreement

  • Tenancy changes – Succession, mutual Exchanges and where there has been a change in name or relationship

  • Deal with estate matters such as inspections where they look at any improvements that can be made to common areas, fly tipping on land, abandoned vehicles, and identifying any safety hazards

  • Referals for support 

  • Alterations to your home

  • Deal with any reports of anti-social behaviour that you raise and support other agencies such as the Police and Local authority on issues that affect the lives of our tenants

  • Moving Out

Your Neighbourhood Officer can offer support with