We are responsible for most repairs in your home and will ensure that your home is safe for you to live in. 


Report a repair

Rooftop takes the maintenance of your home seriously, and we will complete essential repairs to keep your home safe, sound and secure within our target timescales. It is your responsibility to promptly report repairs needed to the property.

  • gas appliances

  • heating and hot water

  • toilets, baths, pipes and sinks

  • electrical wiring and any appliances they provide

  • common areas such as lifts and communal entrances

  • the structure and exterior of the building – including the roof, walls, windows and external doors

Our standard response times remain in place for emergency and urgent repairs; you can expect an emergency repair appointment within 24 hours and an urgent repair appointment within seven days. A regular repair will be made by appointment.


Repairs that are your responsibility

Rooftop Housing Group don't have to fix damage caused by you or your guests. If they do repair something you've damaged, you can be charged for this. If you think you or a family member will struggle to complete a repair, Rooftop can do it for you but we will charge for this work, plus an administration fee on top, all of which will need to be paid for up-front.  It may be cheaper for you to find a local tradesman to do the work on your behalf.


There are also a number of minor repairs that we expect you to complete, such as:

Unblocking sinks, baths and toilets