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Tewkesbury Borough Council's Winter Hardship Fund 2023

Rooftop Communications Team
November 20, 2023

Update: Due to an overwhelming response from tenants in Tewkesbury, we are no longer able to accept new applications.

We understand that coping with the rising cost is not easy, but there is support, to help single applicants, couples and those with a family.

We help you to find more income to cope with the cost of living. 

For households struggling to pay for their energy, food bills, paying for school uniforms and purchasing essential household items, we have access to a cost-of-living grant provided by Tewkesbury Borough Council

  • Fuel vouchers (for clients with prepayment meters)
  • Supermarket vouchers to assist with food bills.
  • A voucher for Love 2 Shop (select you preferred retailer to help purchase clothes including a school uniform/s).
  • Access to assistance with essential white goods such as a cooker, washing machine or a fridge. (Curry’s and or Argos can be selected)

You must live within Tewkesbury Borough Council area to be eligible to apply, and be a Rooftop customer.

We can also do a benefit entitlement check to find out if you qualify for additional benefits. We also work with other agencies and can link you with these to obtain more specialist debt advice or advice on your energy bills and ways to save monies on your fuel bills.

If you are worried about your bills and worried about your rent, need advice on income maximisation please get in contact with the Rooftop Money Advisors. We are here to support you.  


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Rooftop Communications Team
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