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Supported housing gives people in need a new start

Rooftop Communications Team
September 1, 2023

Today is Starts at Home Day, a national celebration of supported housing and its positive impact on our communities nationwide.

Rooftop provides supported housing, care and support for those over 55, with a disability, or domestic abuse survivors.

We understand that appropriate support is vital for helping people move from dependency to an independent and healthy life.

Over the years, many customers have shared with us that supported housing and the services we provided gave them a new start.

A resident in our supported housing, who has a history of poor mental health and often refuses support, sent us a compliment for our support in a mental health crisis. The customer thanked our colleagues for accompanying her during the tough times. She is now getting support from carers who visit daily and support her with personal care and finances, improving her mental health.

We also helped a domestic abuse survivor, who was vulnerable and needed support, move from our safehouse into permanent accommodation with her children to start a life free from abuse with a positive future.  

“… I found myself in a rubbish situation; although I consider myself quite clever, there are things I didn’t know. (Colleagues from Rooftop) have been absolutely amazing! They (are) extremely supportive and understanding, considerate and (the visits) have lifted me more than I could say! I’ve always tried to do things myself, but in a situation where it was really me and my children against the world, it was great to have someone there who would not judge or assume.”

In our retirement living and housing with care schemes, we provide a selection of homes for individuals and couples aged 55 or over, and for those with a disability. Our properties cater for independent living and accommodation with care available on site.

Our homes with Extra Care services include self-contained flats allowing customers to stay independent. They can provide personalised care plans, help from ascheme manager and 24-hour emergency help through an alarm system.

Our Retirement Living and Housing with Care Officers work with customers to ensure a smooth transition into their new home. Meanwhile, customers will have the opportunity to meet others with similar interest within the schemes, and become part of the community.

Supported housing helps people keep their independence, regain their self-confidence and feel secure. It can transform lives.


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Rooftop Communications Team
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