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How to make the Rooftop website more accessible for you

Rooftop Communications Team
May 10, 2024

Do you know that our website can translate its content into over 100 languages, read the text aloud, and convert words into a picture dictionary?

If you don’t already know, our website has a fantastic accessibility tool called ReachDeck which allows you to access our content in a way that suits you best, for free!

Whether you use a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac to view the website, ReachDeck provides speech and reading support tools.

How do you access the ReachDeck Toolbar?

Click on the orange accessibility button that appears in the bottom left area of the website to launch the toolbar (as shown in image below), then click any text to hear it read aloud.

Does the ReachDeck Toolbar do anything else?

Yes. The ReachDeck Toolbar also provides:

  • Translator
  • Simplifier
  • Dual-Colour Highlighting
  • Text Magnification
  • MP3 Maker
  • Screen Masking
  • PDF Reading

Reporting accessibility problems with this website

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find any problems using this site, please contact us here or by phone on 01386 420800.

To help us understand the problem, please tell us:

  • the web address or title of the page where you found a problem
  • what the problem is
  • what computer and software you use

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Rooftop Communications Team
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