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Holiday Activities and Food (HAF), kids eat free and save on school uniforms

Rooftop Communications Team
July 21, 2023

We understand that the cost of living is biting hard, and that some families may struggle to take their kids out for a summer treat, arrange holiday activities or to buy them new school uniforms. These expenses can be a real worry for many families.

But it could be less expensive than you expected. Check out below government funded holiday activities, places serving food with special offers to support you throughout the holidays and some tips and tricks for saving money on school uniforms.

HAF it! 2023 - Holiday Activities and Food(HAF) for children and young people

HAF is a Department for Education (DfE) funded programme aimed at enabling children and young people in receipt of benefits-related free school meals (FSM) to attend school holiday activities and experiences during Easter, summer and Christmas.

Free School Meal eligible children and families with a referral are invited to sign up for the programme now.

The programme creates free places for eligible children to attend, with a focus on enriching activities with a healthy meal and snacks included.

HAF Worcestershire

HAF Worcestershire(

HAF Gloucestershire

Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF) - Gloucestershire County Council

To learn more about HAF, please go to:

Holiday activities and food programme 2023 - GOV.UK (

Kids eat free or low-cost offers during the summer holidays

Places where Kids Eat Free in School Half Terms & Holidays 2023


Save on school uniforms

Kids grow fast, and they will need different uniforms during their years at school.

According to the Children’s Society, parents spend, on average, £287 on primary uniforms and £422 a year on secondary uniforms.

To see if you can save money on school uniforms, please check out the Worcestershire County Council website, which includes some useful links on where parents can purchase pre-loved school uniforms.

Back to school | Worcestershire County Council

Here is a link for some tips to save money on uniforms

School uniform moneysaving tips (

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