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Changes to your rent in 2023

Rooftop Communications Team
February 27, 2023

Social housing rents are set by government legislation. Normally, the annual rise in rents matches the rate of inflation plus one per cent as directed in the Rent Standard 2023. Based on September’s inflation rate, this would have meant a rent increase of 11.1%.

But the Government has decided to cap the rent increase to 7% for social housing tenants, to help protect customers from cost-of-living pressures.

Against the backdrop of increasing additional maintenance and management costs, and after careful planning, the Board decided that social housing rents should rise by 7%.

Although the Government rent cap did not apply to Shared Ownership rents, the Board agreed to support all customers, and cap their rent rises to 7% as well.

We have sent you a letter which explains your rent increase for 2023. In addition to the letter, we have included a booklet which includes FAQs and resources to help you if you are facing financial difficulties.

If you are worried about how the rent increases may affect your finances, Rooftop Housing Group has a team of dedicated Money Advisors who can help you claim the benefits that you could be entitled to, and help you take control of your money.

If you think you are unable to afford the increase, please talk to us. Call us on 01386 420800, email or use your MyRooftop app.

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Rooftop Communications Team
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