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Rooftop Communications Team
August 25, 2023

We take maintenance work seriously. Every year, Rooftop deals with an average of 18,000 repairs. We will complete essential repairs to keep your home safe, sound and secure within our target timescales.

A customer calling themselves as ‘a fierce critic of Rooftop in general and the Repairs Department’ in the past few years, sent us a note and shared their experience after repair work was carried out at their home.

On a Tuesday, the customer called at 10:20 am to report a water flood in the bathroom from the back of the toilet. The call got answered quickly.

Our colleague promised to send a plumber to check the leak. At 12:15 pm, a plumber arrived at their house and after three-hours of work, the leak was fixed.

However, another small leak was found in the evening on Wednesday.

As the customer planned to go out on Thursday morning till mid-afternoon, they didn’t report the issue to us until 3:45 pm. Our colleague immediately checked when they would be available and arranged another plumber.

The plumber arrived at their house at 6:15 pm and fixed another pipe connection at 7 pm.

“Credit where credit is due,” the customer said, adding that “the jury is still out on the success or otherwise of that second repair, but that shouldn’t detract from the efficient and courteous way the Repairs Team dealt with my two reports.”

Colleagues on the Repairs Team don’t just pick up calls and log down repair requests. Here is another case showing the extra mile our colleagues take to assist customers in need.

A family of four had been away for the weekend and arrived home late Sunday. The dad called us on Monday morning saying he hadn’t noticed three plug sockets weren’t working. One of them was for the fridge freezer in the kitchen.

Our colleague raised an emergency call out with Platform Property Care for an electrician to investigate within the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the dad told us the family had stocked their freezer with food worth about £50 before leaving. The food was defrosted, and they were struggling to replace it. The family was upset.

When our repairs officer was aware of the family situation, she liaised with a local food bank to arrange a food parcel for the family to collect the next day.

Our colleague followed up on the case on Tuesday and was told an electrician had fixed the three faulty sockets on Monday afternoon. The dad had also collected the food parcel, and very thankful for our help.

Rooftop deals with each issue raised by our customers seriously. We act and work with other service providers and external contractors to make things right.

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Rooftop Communications Team
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