What is Outreach?

Rooftop offers an Outreach Support Service that is available to young people aged 16 - 21 living within the Gloucestershire area who may need support.

Rooftop’s experienced and trained colleagues can provide you with advice and guidance or signpost you to the extensive range of professional and partnership agencies that we work with in Gloucestershire.

We offer this service because we are aware that there are many young people, who may not be accessing our housing support services, but who are still in need of support. They may be friends or family members of our customers, or they may have found out about us in some other way.

To find out more about our Outreach support for non-customers, please contact us on the following: -

Gloucester: - 01386 420 807 / 01386 578 833

Forest of Dean: - 01386 420 810

Tewkesbury: - 01386 578 837


NB: You may be wondering why the phone area codes are the same – Rooftop have an internal phone system.