We provide temporary housing for up to 101 young people in one of our 10 schemes. This can provide a vital respite for a young person who is homeless, in need of guidance and security, or even escaping an abusive situation.


We offer temporary accommodation for homeless young people, which is made up of a range of rooms in hostels, self-contained partially furnished flats and bedsits. To be eligible for a place, you must have a need for support and need accommodation.


We are here to provide support and guidance – not to lecture. Our aim is for you to become optimistic about your future, and for you to develop a plan for how to make this happen.

When you leave us, our aim is that you will:

  • understand your responsibilities and your rights as a tenant
  • be able to manage your own money and live on a budget
  • know how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • develop skills to live independently
  • be part of your community by making a positive contribution to society and be an active citizen
  • be able to make choices about your own life and be able to plan how you will get there
  • to ensure you are actively developing and achieving
  • to empower you with the knowledge to stay safe
  • know how to access services and facilities