As a customer with Rooftop in our high support accommodation, we run a range of activities and social events for customers. Some of these will teach you new skills and others are just for fun.


These workshops are designed to help you manage your money, pay your rent and/or help you identify where your money goes. We could even help you to start saving. 

Cooking workshops

These workshops will help you learn vital cooking skills to be able to live independently.

Music workshops

We are working with volunteers and colleagues to develop this at one of the Gloucester schemes – watch this space!

Gardening and 'grow your own'

Some projects have vegetable patches where you can practice your gardening skills and grow your own produce.

Film nights

These workshops are in schemes to reward customers for being active in taking support. They also can be used to help you understand issues that other people may be experiencing and bring you together, so you get to meet and know your neighbours.

Wii competitions

Some of the schemes have games consoles. We use a variety of sport-based activities designed to encourage you to exercise in your own home with your neighbours, whilst having fun.

Health and Wellbeing Team

The team run a variety of activities from walking football, Fitness MOTs, Health Heart Week, Arts and Crafts, Easter, Christmas and Valentine activities, Healthy eating and cooking, Food and Mood, Wall climbing, volunteering for our customers and other Rooftop services. 

Mental Health Worker

Rooftop have a very experienced colleague who offers one to one support with your mental health needs.  Referrals are made if needed and there is a monthly drop in at the schemes.

Money and Advice

We have two very experienced colleagues who can offer valuable support to our customers with any outstanding debts, rent arrears and benefits etc.

Preparation for Independence

These are modules and workshops for customers to complete and achieve independent living skills and knowledge in their transition to living independently. Modules include health and safety, positive relationships, managing tenancy and utilities, keeping safe, basic DIY and food preparation. These need to be completed before a successful and positive move from our support services.