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Kay was referred onto BBO by the Job Centre as Kay had been unemployed for a couple of years due to ill health.

Kay has had previous experience in cleaning, caring and retail. Kay would have really liked to return to Care, but due to an eye condition Kay did not feel it was safe for her to be driving, so was limited to care homes. Kay’s nature is very suited to care work as she is friendly, caring, personable, upbeat and she has excellent people skills.

Through years of unemployment, Kay’s confidence took a slight knock and she was a little worried about returning to work. Regular meetings with her Job Coach helped boost Kay’s confidence in the build up to her return to work. When meetings started, Kay’s confidence began to return very quickly. With her Job Coach, Kay read about and completed online quizzes about resiliency, which helped reassure Kay.

Kays Job Coach also helped her to improve and tailor her CV. As Kay was looking at retail, care and cleaning roles, Kay would need CV’s which highlighted the relevant skills, so her Job Coach helped her with this and provided Cover Letters to supplement this. Striking while the iron was hot, Kay took her new CV around local employers to see if they had any suitable positions and came across a local Nursery who were looking for an evening cleaner for 16 hours a week and offered Kay an interview. 

Kay’s Job Coach helped her to research the company, think of relevant questions to ask and prepare for the interview. This gave Kay the extra confidence and reassurance she needed for the interview, which she was successful with. Kay settled into her new role quickly and a couple of months later, when a Cleaning role became available at Rooftop, Kay’s Job Coach remembered Kay and contacted her to tell her about the vacancy, initially Casual. Kay successfully applied for this role and soon after a permanent vacancy became available, which Kay applied for and was offered.

Kay says of the programme; “It just took someone to point out the positives about myself to get me into gear to achieve my goals. Thank you BBO and everyone at Rooftop who saw my potential.”

Due to the success Kay received on BBO, she recommended the programme to her son, who joined the programme and was also successful, finding a full-time Warehouse position, driving a Forklift. Kay has also contributed to BBO in other ways, agreeing to be recorded discussing her time on the programme for the BBO Celebration Event video, unveiled at the one year celebration event which Kay attended.