Below are some stories from older people using our service that highlight the positive impact 'Independence at Home' has made to their lives.

"Settling into a new area"

Mrs B, living in Evesham

A new resident of Rooftop, Mrs B has recently moved to Evesham as she wanted to be closer to her sister. Mrs B has a medical condition called MS that has affected her mobility and speech.

Support workers from Rooftop have helped Mrs B take advantage of all activities the service has to offer such as massages. They initially accompanied her to the activities to help build confidence and now Mrs B has many friends and is starting computer lessons soon.

Help with personal care is now in place and also a referral to the Occupational Therapist has meant that grab rails have been installed to aid mobility in the bathroom. Mrs B has had several falls, so with her permission, we referred her to the Falls Prevention Team so they can provide guidance in reducing the risk. She also has a walker that will help with her safety in the community.

Mrs B has also received help with arranging for furniture to be collected which didn’t fit in her new home, ordering new goods and help with changing her address with various agencies. The support worker also helped Mrs B sign up with a local doctors ensuring she received the professional care needed.

"Help with health issues"

Mr & Mrs W, living in Evesham

Mr and Mrs W had various issues they needed support with. Together the support worker from Rooftop they made a list identifying their needs and the priority of these.

The most important issue to address was what help could be received for Mrs W when Mr W went into hospital for an operation. The support worker contacted various care providers enquire what the care would cost. With help from a social worker, a care package was arranged for the couple. Both Mr and Mrs W are now confident that specific care services are readily available when needed.

It has been agreed that in future if Mr W needs to go shopping, a sitter can be arranged for Mrs W. This gives Mr W piece of mind as he would normally worry when leaving his wife at the property alone. Mrs W also informed the support worker she didn’t have a care line. This was soon put in place and now Mrs W can call for support if she becomes unwell.

Two occupational therapist’s have assessed Mrs W’s needs and are providing the necessary aids to maintain her independence.