Thinking about switching your provider?

You don't need to inform us here at Rooftop if you are thinking about switching your energy provider. There are lots of different providers out there who can offer deals and fixed rates for short or long periods of time. There are also many websites out there that can help you work out if you're overpaying or offer you discounts depending on your criteria. Check out some of the ones we've found below:

  • Join this cheap energy club online and they will do a full market comparison to check if you're overpaying, if you are they will help you switch.

  • For winter 2013 to 2014, you could get a £135 discount on your electricity bill through the Warm Home Discount Scheme. You can also check this Energy Grants calculator to see if you might be eligible for help with your energy costs.

  • Act on Energy - This site is packed with info all about energy advice specifically in the West Midlands.
  • My Home Energy Switch is an energy supply financial inclusion service from the National Housing Federation (NHF). Their trusted partners uSwitch will compare your current energy tariff for you.

We are now offering our residents energy monitors (see image below), so you can keep a track of what you are using and when. If you would like to borrow one of these so you can monitor your electricity usage over a few weeks or to make an appointment to chat about your energy tariffs you can contact Beverley Hiden, our financial inclusion advisor on 01386 420800.