We provide Mental Health Sessions and workshops to  raise awareness on depression, isolation and loneliness.

The positives about the service we provide:

  • We are established as a provider for health and well being
  • We have positive outcomes from clients and stakeholders
  • Improves self esteem
  • An opportunity to go from good to great
  • Being inhouse we have the control of what happens

Why we provide this service:

  • Wellbeing matters to health
  • Wellbeing adds years to life
  • Improves recovery from illness
  • Is associated with broader positive health behaviours
  • Influences the wellbeing and mental health – this has a deeper effect not only looking after themselves but also their properties.

Rooftop has a dedicated Mental Health worker, Christine Searl.

If you are worried about your own mental health or that of others around you, contact Kim Skipsey, Health and Well Being Co-Ordinator for a chat and to book an appointment. Call 07854 717430