Measures we are taking to ensure energy efficiency in our properties

  • We have fitted new high performance uPVC windows to 'Secure by Design' standards if your home does not currently already have them installed
  • When external doors on all properties are replaced as part of our Replacement Cycle, these will be composite doors which have double glazing where applicable and toughened inner panes for security
  • The doors are five times more efficient than traditional wooden doors in preventing heat loss, as well as helping to reduce external noise
  • High performance weather, smoke and fire seals and an adjustable lock are also key features
  • In partnership with valliant boilers we are installing Combi 831 boilers, which have received a 'Sedbuk Band A' rating (which means they function at no less than 90% efficiency)
  • We are also installing full central heating in all properties where gas is connected to the property
  • We are increasing loft insulation in all of our properties to 270mm
  • Properties with wall cavities will have insulation installed