Useful tips for saving energy and money in your home

  • Don't leave your appliances on stand-by – the average household wastes about £40 a year by leaving appliances on stand-by.

  • Buying energy efficient appliances – click here to go to a website that compares energy saving appliances before you buy!

  • Energy saving light bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs and save you money by using less electricity... and they are much better than they used to be!

  • Turning down your thermostat – turning this down to 23° can save around £50 a year.

  • Boil a kettle with only as much water as you need.

  • Cover pots and pans when cooking – they will boil a lot quicker, so keep an eye on them or you'll have a dirty hob.

  • Match the size of the cooking ring to the size of the saucepan to avoid heating air.

  • Cook several different foods on one ring with a steamer.

  • There's emerging research that using a microwave rather than a conventional oven to heat up a small amount of food may save you energy.

  • Avoid putting hot food in the fridge or freezer; the thermostat will turn on the pump, and start using electricity.

  • Try not to leave your fridge door open, as it takes energy to cool down again.

  • Washing clothes at 30° can be just as effective for a normally soiled load – and make sure that your washing machine is running with a full load!

  • Try to avoid using a tumble dryer whenever possible – dry washing outside wherever possible.

  • Chargers plugged in but not charging can cost around £20 a year in wasted electricity!

Grants and funding

There are some grants and funding available to help with energy saving measures in your home, depending on your circumstances. To find out if you are eligible, please click one of the following links. You must discuss any alterations you would like to make with Rooftop first - sometimes permission will be needed but in some cases, we may be planning to make sustainable improvements to your home in the future. Check our Improvement Works section of this website, or log in to your section of our website to see a timetable of inspections for your property.