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Self Build

Have you ever thought of building and owning your own home?


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Are you interested in being part of a group that has a common purpose, to create the kind of homes and community in which they want to live?


Rooftop Housing Group has been given an opportunity to explore a Community Self Build project to support families interested in owning their own home in a new community.

What is Community Self Build? 

Community Self Build projects may be set up and run by the people who are planning to live in them, or they may be led, as is the case here, by organisations that have a desire to create opportunities for others to be actively involved in the process of building a new home and community. You would become a member of the Community Self-build group.

What does “Self Build” mean?

Oddly, “self build” does not necessarily mean that you physically “build” your home. You could, but the opportunity here is for you to be involved in the design of the development, the appointment of a contractor, and seeing your home being built.

This is all under the guidance of a specialist team who will handle all the technical and construction issues involved, whilst you get to know your future neighbours who will be part of the same community.


Where is this opportunity? 

Through partners, Rooftop has access to a site in the The Littleton’s. The key to this site being developed for you is to demonstrate to the planning authority that there is sufficient interest in Community Self Build in this area in order to help people meet their own housing needs.

How is this paid for?

If you are interested and considered to be an eligible applicant, you will become part of a Community Self-Build Group. We will then apply to secure Government Funding to do two things.


The first is to access Community Housing funding to explore the potential opportunity and pay for the research and professional team that will be needed to support the project under Rooftop’s guidance.


The second part will be to secure funding from the Government Agency Homes England to cover the construction costs.


So how do I pay for my home?

Once your home is complete, you will need to secure a mortgage to pay for your portion of the costs.

The price you pay for your home will be affordable, below the open market value. There may be options to buy a home through shared ownership, but this will be for the group to decide.

How do I know if I would eligible to join?

We will set criteria for people to join the Community Self Build project and this is likely to require applicants to:-


  • Live in Wychavon district

  • Be a current tenant with a clear rent account

  • Be economically active (i.e. in employment) 

  • Be eligible for a mortgage

  • Be willing to be actively involved in the Community Self Build Group and to live in a new housing community

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Want to know more?

If you want to know more, please fill in the form here or email us at giving your name, address, Email address, Telephone and employment status.

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