Rooftop takes the maintenance of your home seriously, and we will complete essential repairs to keep your home safe, sound and secure.  However, there are a number of minor repairs that we expect you to complete, such as:

  • Unblocking sinks, baths, toilets and external gullies (using a plunger or shop brought un-blocker)
  • Repairing or replacing toilet seats
  • Tightening loose waste fittings to the sink, bath and washbasin
  • Tap repairs such as replacing washers
  • Replacing sealant to baths, basins and kitchen worktops
  • Fixing cracked or loose wall tiles
  • Fixing loose kitchen drawers or doors and handles
  • Replacing light bulbs and fuses in plugs or resetting a tripped fuse board
  • Repairs to internal doors such as tightening hinges and replacing handles
  • Filling fine cracks in plaster
  • Redecoration 
  • Condensation and mould treatment (where your home has not been properly ventilated or heated by you)
  • Pest control in your home or garden (not in communal areas) – this includes removing wasp nests and controlling vermin
  • Replacing keys if you lose them and locks if you get locked out
  • Radiator bleeding
  • Re-pressurising your boiler
  • Maintaining sheds, fences and gates (unless they fences which border public rights of way)           
  • Repairing or replacing TV aerials and satellite dishes (except communal aerials)
  • Changing batteries in smoke/heat/carbon monoxide detectors and door bells and regularly testing these to make sure they work

We have compiled a library of videos showing you how to complete some of the basic repairs listed above 

If you think you or a family member will struggle to complete a repair, Rooftop can do it for you but we will charge for this work, plus an administration fee on top, all of which will need to be paid for up-front.  It may be cheaper for you to find a local tradesman to do the work on your behalf.