When you receive the keys to your new home, this is the minimum standard you can expect:


Entrance doors to be fitted with 5 lever locks.

Tenants to receive a full set of keys. (This does not apply to Sheltered properties if suited locks are fitted).

All window catches to be checked and repaired as necessary and if window locks are fitted keys are provided.

All doors and windows to fit and to open and close easily.

All broken glass to be replaced


Gas and Electric

Carry out gas and electric tests on Rooftop installations and equipment and leave safe.

Gas and electric meters should be debt free, ready for the next tenant to take over.



Stop taps, taps and all valves to be checked and repaired/renewed as necessary.

Plastic taps to be replaced. All leaks to plumbing system to be remedied.

All waste outlets to be checked and cleaned as necessary.



All units in the kitchen must be clean and in working order.

There must be adequate storage for food and utensils.

There must be adequate worktop for the preparation of food.

There must be an accessible cooker point.


Heating System

The central heating systems will be checked and repaired as

necessary and left in full working order.

Solid fuel fires to be checked and left in working order.


Decoration and Cleaning

All very sheltered accommodation to be decorated.

Other properties that require to be decorated will be issued with Dulux Decoration Pack.

The property should be left in a clean condition.

All furniture, possessions and belongings of the previous tenant should be removed.



The garden should be left in a condition whereby a reasonably fit person could maintain it. 

Long grass should be cut down, hedges should be trimmed and any rubbish should be removed.