We will:

  • Listen to your concern, and do all we can to put things right if it is clear that our service to you has fallen short of our standards.
  • Acknowledge your contact with us, and let you know how we intend on proceeding within 8 working days.
  • Investigate any concerns raised with the relevant department, and seek to resolve your concern as quickly as possible.
  • If necessary, we will let you know if and why our timescales may need extending.
  • We will give you details of how to escalate your concern if you are unhappy with our response.
  • Let you know how and when to refer your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman if you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint.
  • Seek our customers’ views on the services provided by us, and publish the results regularly.
  • Actively learn from all upheld complaints to improve our services.

You will:

  • Tell us as soon as you think we have not provided a good enough service to you, within a maximum of 2 months.
  • Tell us how you think we have fallen short and how you expect us to put things right.
  • Give us all the relevant information to enable us to investigate your concerns fully.
  • Contact us in a secure, confidential manner – either by phone, email or letter.
  • Understand that we will respond within our published timescales, which we may have to extend under certain circumstances.
  • Accept that we have defined stages to our complaints process which must be observed in all circumstances.
  • Avoid making repeated complaints about issues unless you are prepared to follow our formal process.
  • Follow our advice if your concern needs to be dealt outside the scope of our complaints policy.