To make a Rooftop 'App' on your mobile device follow these simple instructions.

If you're not registered on the Rooftop website then follow this link.

Click/tap here for Apple instructions.

For Android devices running Chrome

Go to Rooftop's My Account Page via your browser (chrome) and login

Screenshot _20170811-115405

press the 3 little dots in the top right hand corner of the screen.

App 2

Pressing the dots will bring up the following menu...

Screenshot _20170811-115414

Press "Add to Home screen"

App 3

That will bring up the following box.

App 4

Change the name of the 'app' to Rooftop (or whatever you'd like to call it) and press ADD.

App 5

And as if by magic, you'll have a shortcut to the Rooftop Resident Login, and if you ask your browser to remember your details you won't have to login every time. You'll be 2 clicks away from all of your details.

For Apple Devices (iPad iPhone) using Safari

Go to the My Account page on the Rooftop Website and log in.

Apple 1

Tap the 'share' icon (the one that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it) in the top right of your screen.

Apple 1a

That will bring up this menu

Apple 2

Tap on "Add to Home Screen"

Apple 2a

And this box will appear.

Apple 3

It's a chance to rename the 'App' so tap on the name and call it "Rooftop" or whatever you want to call it. Then tap ADD

Apple 3a

And your 'App' is ready to go!

Apple 4

Don't forget, if you let Safari remember your login details you won't have to search them out every time, and you're just a couple of taps away from all of your details.