All repairs are grouped into various categories and we will give a target date for completion. Every effort will be made to finish the work in the time specified, providing that we are able to access your property. You will be offered an appointment for urgent and routine work.

Emergency repair

Within 24 hours
Jobs which will present a risk to life, or may cause structural damage if not put right as soon as possible, for example: burst pipes, serious electrical faults.

Urgent repair

Seven calendar days
Jobs that affect safety, health or security of your home but do not need to be put right immediately, for example, faulty light switches.

All other repairs

30 calendar days
Jobs that are a nuisance, but do not affect safety, health or security. For example: repairs to doors, minor plumbing problems.

Packaged repairs

Sometimes, we package together repairs that are large value and low priority, for completion within 100 days. We do this to get better value for money from our contractors. The type of repair this may include could be fences, gates, paths, window or roof repairs and could be external or internal work.