Before you make any alterations to your home you must write to us to obtain permission - this applies to shared ownership properties as well as rental.

We have to ensure that your home is not damaged or made unsafe. In some cases, you will also have to obtain Planning Permission or Building Regulations Approval from the local authority. An alteration is anything which is an addition or change to the property or its gas, electrical or water supply.

Examples of the most common alterations are:

  • moving/removing fitted units or doors
  • modifications to central heating
  • plumbing in washing machines or other appliances
  • building patios
  • knocking down walls
  • double glazing
  • fitting a gas fire or building a feature fire place
  • enclosing porches
  • extensions
  • additional fencing
  • satellite dishes
  • fitting different light switches, or
  • removing or adding electric points