We want to ensure that your Neighbourhoods are clean and safe for you to live in.

Your area Housing Officer will be carrying out a series of Neighbourhood inspections during Spring and Summer this year to identify and resolve and issues there may be.

They will also use it as an opportunity to spot positive aspects of the neighbourhood and to recognise and reward residents for this.

Please feel free to come and have a chat with your Housing Officer when they are in your area. If you would like more information you can contact our Senior Housing Officer, Lisa Kelley on 01386 420800.


Woodleigh & Sunnyside Drakes Broughton 03/04/15 10:00am
Bridgemans Close Broadway 15/04/15 3:00pm
Crown Close & Crown Drive Bishop's Cleeve 16/04/15 11:00am
Meadow Walk Pershore 22/04/15 3:00pm
Beavans Lane & St Peters Close Hinton on the Green 23/04/15 3:00pm
Alder Grove Evesham 28/04/15 10:30am
Littleworth Walk Evesham 30/04/15 11:00am
Gloucester Close Redditch 05/05/15 10:00am
Roman Meadow Eckington 06/05/15 10:30am
Tobyfield Road Bishop's Cleeve 06/05/15 2:00pm
Henry Fowler Close Evesham 13/05/15 2:00pm
St Wulstans Close & St Georges Close Evesham 14/05/15 10:30am
Churchfield Street & Abberley Street Dudley 14/05/15 3:00pm
Priory House Gloucester 15/05/15 2:00pm
The Chantry Fladbury 18/05/15 3:00pm
Tinkers Close Moreton in Marsh 19/05/15 2:30pm
Blakenhurst Harvington 20/05/15 2:00pm
Whittingham House Droitwich 28/05/15 3:00pm
Battleton Road Evesham 29/05/15 2:00pm
Newing Court Harvington 03/06/15 10:00am
Coronation Street (Jubilee Gardens/Burlingham Avenue) Evesham 03/06/15 11:00am
Britannia Gardens Stourport 04/06/15 2:00pm
School Road, Cleeve Road and The Titheway Middle Littleton 11/06/15 3:30pm
High House Drive Inkberrow 12/06/15 11:00am
Hathaway Close South Littleton 17/06/15 3:30pm
Hawkeswell Drive Kingswinford 22/06/15 11:30am
May Tree Road Lower Moor 22/06/15 3:00pm
Coombefield Road Wickhamford 22/06/15 3:00pm
Fairfield Road Evesham 25/06/15 11:00am
Peewit Road Hampton 30/06/15 11:00am
Laxton Crescent Evesham 03/07/15 2:00pm
Cornfield Way Ashton under Hill 08/07/15 11:00am
Charles Close Evesham 10/07/15 11:00am
Cladswell Close & Lower Cladswell Close Cookhill 13/07/15 3:00pm
Spion Kop Pinvin 15/07/15 11:00am
Weston Hill Road Beckford 22/07/15 2:00pm
Woodmans Rise & Woodmans Green Droitwich 22/07/15 2:30pm
Churchill Road Sedgeberrow 23/07/15 2:30pm
Claverton Estate Stoulton 29/07/15 3:00pm
Shawcross Walk & Craven Court Evesham 03/08/15 11:00am
School Road & Meadows End Hampton 03/08/15 3:30pm
Green Leys Badsey 04/08/15 11:00am
Woodward Close & Woodward Walk Pershore 06/08/15 4:00pm
Evesham Court & Pershore Court Kidderminster 10/08/15 3:30pm
Two Hedges Road Bishop's Cleeve 12/08/15 2:00pm
Laurels Road & Laurels Avenue Offenham 18/08/15 10:00am
College Road Upton Snodsbury 20/08/15 10:30am
The Hodges Evesham 18/08/15 2:00pm
St Andrews Road Pershore 27/08/15 10:00am
Hemmingway Evesham 27/08/15 11:00am
Hill View Defford 27/08/15 11:00am
Rynal Place Evesham 03/09/15 10:00am
Hill Close Westmancote 03/09/15 2:00pm
Summerfield Gardens Hampton 07/09/15 10:00am
The Close Eckington 10/09/15 11:00am
Albion Street Gloucester 11/09/15 10:00am
St James Drive Evesham 11/09/15 11:00am
Little Priest Lane & Lower Priest Lane Pershore 23/09/15 10:00am
Isbourne Crescent Evesham 30/09/15 11:00am