To end your tenancy you must give us four weeks notice in writing stating the date of when you intend to end your tenancy – this must start on a Monday.

We will then carry out an inspection of the condition of your property and may ask you to carry out any repairs that are your responsibility within your notice period. If we have to carry out any repairs due to your neglect of the property once you have left, you will be charged.

If we need to make arrangements to inspect your property or for prospective tenants to view your property, we will contact you to arrange this.

When you leave, you must:

  • remove all your belongings – if you don’t and we have to pay someone to clear your things, we will charge you
  • leave your property clean and tidy
  • arrange a final reading of any gas/water/electricity meters and notify the utility providers of your leaving date so that these may be switched off. This will ensure that you are not charged for any supplies used by the new occupants and that the property is safe when you leave
  • reinstall any appliances such as heaters
  • pay your rent until the end of your tenancy and return your keys to us as soon as your tenancy ends
  • arrange for your post to be re-directed