Ways to pay...

Our prefered method of payment is by Direct Debit. It is the easiest and most convenient way for you to pay.

Payments come directly from your bank account every month (or weekly or fortnightly if you prefer) and we will tell you in advance what the amount will be.

If you are struggling to set up a Direct Debit or need to discuss an alternative payment method please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.

Call us on 0800 0421 800 to sign up today.

What if I have problems paying?

If you ever have problems paying, please contact us as soon as possible. Please don't ignore the problem - the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can help you. The longer you leave it, the bigger the problem will get.

Everyone has money worries at some point in their life, so don't be embarrassed to talk to us.

We can:

  • talk through your situation with you
  • assess how we can best help you
  • help you put together a plan to pay the money you owe us
  • give you advice on benefits and signpost you to other organisations that may be able to help you
  • come to an agreement with you that will help you start reducing your rent arrears at an amount you can afford
  • refer you to a specialist money advisor or Citizens Advice Bureau