Contractor meetings

It's important for residents to attend our contractor meetings. These meetings are held regularly to review the service provided by the contractors we use for routine repairs, gas repairs and improvements to your home through planned maintenance. Your views will help us to improve the service our contractors provide.

Best practice visits

You can also get involved with us in visiting other housing providers and our partners on best practice visits. These visits are largely organised when we are reviewing a particular service.

Apt Quest

You can apply to be involved with us as a resident co-ordinator in a team of residents who are responsible for:

  • carrying out a programme of customer satisfaction research for Rooftop and other partners
  • reviewing our local service standards and commitment to residents.

If you would like to be involved you need to be:

  • confident over the phone, and able to listen to and record what people are saying
  • able to listen to the views of other residents on our services.

You will be paid for carrying out this role for us. If you would like to know more about Apt Quest you can contact them by email on

We know that some residents welcome the chance to be involved from home. So as to provide good quality services to our customers we have policies and procedures to guide how we work and to make sure that we provide excellent quality services.

We welcome residents' views on how we carry out our work. You can:

  • receive copies of policies and procedures that are being developed or reviewed through the post
  • review the policy or procedure and send it back to us with your comments and suggestions
  • join a small group of customers and staff to review the policy or procedure together.