We are here for you.

We want to thank you for working with us through this unprecedented challenge. Your patience and understanding is really appreciated.

Because of your understanding we have still been able to support those most in need. Our team have telephoned and spoken to nearly 1000 tenants so far, starting with the most vulnerable in our community. We’re making sure that they have the support that they need and access to the services they need.

Repairs and Maintenance

During the period of Covid-19 lockdown we have only been able to offer emergency repairs. The good news is that we’re starting to make preparations in partnership with Platform Property Care and our other contractors to extend the range of services we can offer.

In our Key Worker Hospital accommodation our Handy-person service is still running to support your needs, and you can contact them on the usual numbers.

If you have any repairs that do need to be carried out we ask that you email only using repairs.web@rooftopgroup.org to tell us what is required, and as soon as we are able to book your repairs we will be in contact to arrange a convenient date.

Please note that any engineers that enter your home will observe social distancing, will have appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), will wash their hands regularly and also sanitise any surfaces that they have come into contact with during works.

To tell us about your non-emergency repairs please email repairs.web@rooftopgroup.org giving your name, address, tenancy number if you have it, and details of what the repair is.

Added to this we’ve now been able to re-start our grounds maintenance programme and some cleaning of communal areas. Grass cutting and other maintenance has restarted, though the time between visits will be slightly extended to account for staffing and social distancing measures. Our contractors will also be carrying out some essential tree safety maintenance surveying and pruning, across several our communal areas over the next couple of months.

Financial difficulty

We have been able to support 235 tenants who are experiencing financial difficulty through the outbreak, and if you need help please do get in contact. Each individual situation is taken into account and our Money Advice team can help navigate the benefits system so that you can claim what you are entitled to. None of us like to talk about money, especially when things are difficult, but we are here for you.

Contact the Income Team directly on 01386 420 818 or Incomemanagement@rooftopgroup.org

This is a difficult time for job security and our Job Coaches have advised 65 people over video call and the phone over the last 2 months.

If you need help with your job search contact bbo@rooftopgroup.org or call 01386 420 800.

We are all working differently. Your Neighbourhood Officers and Key Worker Accommodation staff are working from home, so please do continue to contact them if you need help with housing issues or would like advice on services that we can offer, or help you find.

The Rooftop Domestic Abuse service is still helping our clients, although in a slightly different way: we are still able to offer support to anyone who needs us, though for your safety and for ours, we may be making contact via phone or video calling. You can call the West Mercia Women’s Aid Domestic abuse helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 0800 980 3331 or in Gloucestershire call GDASS 01452 726570 (Monday to Friday) these services are available for men and women. There is also information on our website under the “Lives” link.

If you need to talk to your Neighbourhood Officer, they are still available on the usual number where you can also request an emergency repair and get through to our Income Team.

01386 420 800

You can keep up to date with our services via the Rooftop Housing Group website rooftopgroup.org and click on “Covid-19 updates”.

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