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There is Relief for your Food and Fuel Bills

You only have to pick up a newspaper, listen to the radio or watch the news to find out that many people are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet. Fuel and food poverty are made worse because of coronavirus.

Food and fuel are two of life's essentials and Lockdown during winter adds more pressure on peoples' ability to pay the bills for these necessities.

Rooftop is able to refer you to Food Banks and we work closely with Caring Hands in the Vale and the Trussel Trust, who are both providing fantastic services in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

If you need to access a Food Bank, please contact us. There is no shame in this. So many people are finding it harder than ever to provide for their families, so don't struggle on in silence. You are not alone.

This time of year is cold and Lockdown in the winter means that we are using our heating more because of the very important Stay at Home message. For some, the choice is between eating or staying warm. We do not want any of our customers to have to be faced with this and there is help out there.

In Worcestershire there is a new scheme being delivered by Act on Energy. Worcestershire have provided funding in recognition of the additional burden the COVID-19 outbreak is having on vulnerable households, who are struggling to pay their fuel bills due to loss of income or increased fuel use. The scheme supports people in the following ways:

  • Debt write off (up to £250) to those who are unable to pay their fuel bill and have been in debt with their energy supplier for the last six months and are unable to set up a debt payment plan with their supplier.

  • Energy Bill Support - Provision of funds to help with payment of energy bills of £49 for households, maximum of 3 applications.

  • Additional support in the form of advice such as tariff advice, PSR registration accessing Warm Homes Discount is applicable, onward referrals e.g. income maximisation, access to other funding for Energy Efficiency measures e.g. heating and/or insulation.

  • Boiler servicing and chimney sweeping to ensure householders have a safe and warm home

  • Boilers repairs to ensure no family is left in a no heat situation

  • Boiler replacement if repairs cannot be undertaken and no other source of funding is available. This will ensure no family is left iwithout heating

This is one of the most challenging winters in living memory. Act on Energy can help. If you are struggling to pay fuel bills due to COVID (furloughed, drop in wages, self-isolating) and on a low income, or just on benefits, APPLY NOW for fuel vouchers. https://actonenergy.org.uk/.../act-on-energy-emergency.../

or call 0800 988 2881

The Rooftop Money Advisors can also help you by supporting you with budgeting and accessing benefits. They can advise on schemes to help with fuel bills too. Our website has a Benefits Calculator that can point you towards funds you are eligible for. https://www.rooftopgroup.org/money-advice

Last year our Money Advisors helped 1153 customers access an extra £3 million in benefits. You could be eligible for money that you have not claimed.

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