The Work of the REP

The Residents Excellence Panel (REP) is a group of residents set up to scrutinise Rooftop services to its residents, to make recommendations for improvement and to act as a source of assurance.

The panel works from a list of services that are considered in need of a review. This list is prepared in consultation with residents to ensure we are looking at areas that matter to you. We aim to review between two and four service areas each year. When a topic is under review, it is looked at in the following ways:

  • Considering existing policies and procedures

  • Interview with the relevant senior officer

  • Interview with relevant officers delivering the service to residents

  • Interview relevant partners Rooftop works with such as Wychavon if the review involved lettings

  • Shadowing staff Engaging customers via surveys including social media

When the review has been carried out, recommendations are made for changes to the service area. The last two services reviewed were aids and adaptations, and mutual exchanges. An example of changes made includes the mutual exchange service when a number of residents voiced concerns that people often backed out of an exchange at the last minute, resulting in great disappointment, and sometimes incurring expense that could not be recovered. So the panel recommended a deposit system whereby from April this year, you have to pay a deposit of £50 before an exchange will be considered. The thinking is that people will now think twice before proposing an exchange, resulting in less exchanges being cancelled at the last minute. The deposit is refunded when the exchange goes ahead. However, if someone drops out, their £50 is not returned, but it goes to the community fund which funds community initiatives decided on by residents.

What Services Do You Want Reviewed?

The Panel now needs to agree the service areas it wants to look at in the next few years, and we want as many residents as possible to make suggestions. Some of the services currently suggested include the following:

  • Service charges

  • Energy efficiency and green issues more generally

  • Getting repairs right first time

  • Access to digital services

Now is the time to say what is important to you and in need of review so please contact Lisa Sutton, Neighbourhood Manager, with details of the service you would select and why by Friday 23 August. Lisa is available by email or on 01386 420800 extension 1337

Membership of the Panel

The panel currently has 5 members, a mixture of tenants and leaseholders. There is a need to find one or two new people to join the group.

Benefits of joining the Panel include:

  • The ability to improve Rooftop services to its residents

  • The opportunity to find out more about Rooftop and housing

  • Personal development

  • Access to tablet and broadband

If you are interested in being a member of the Residents Excellence Panel and would like to know more, please contact Lisa Sutton, Neighbourhood Manager by email or on 01386 420800 extension 1337.

Chris Carter, Resident Excellence Panel member

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