Stopping Condensation Before it Starts

Now that the nights are drawing in, we start putting the heating on, there are fewer days we can get the washing on the line without it going stiff... or wet again... and our radiators start getting used for clothes drying, it's really important to do something to help stop condensation.

Condensation is often confused with "damp", but they are very different, and condensation is really down to how we live our lives, ventilate our homes and what we do with our heating. If you ignore condensation it will get worse, and you may find yourself with a big mouldy job on your hands.

Here's some tips on how you can reduce condensation in your home

  • Keep the temperature up at home. You don’t need much. The advice is between 12 to 14 degrees for at least 14 hours a day. It makes sure the building stays above ‘dew point’ which is when moisture collects.

  • If you have extractor fans use them, and keep them on until the steam has all gone or until they stop.

  • If you have ‘trickle vents’ on windows keep them open.

  • Try not to dry washing indoors. Putting wet washing on radiators creates a lot of moisture in the air as the water leaves the clothing.

  • If you get condensation, control it by drying, then using soap and water or products you’ll find in DIY shops to clean the area.

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