Service Update

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The Rooftop DA service is still delivering services to all our clients, although in a slightly different way: we are still able to offer support to anyone who needs us, though for your safety and for ours, we may be making contact via phone or video calling.

We're making extra calls to people on our waiting list.

Our out of hours helpline is up and running, and our refuge and safe-houses are still offering accommodation where required.

The government has confirmed that travel to either a refuge or a safe-house is absolutely legitimate, even in a lock-down.

In some cases, the service may be affected by what other services are still open, but as far as we are concerned it is business as usual, so we will be keeping in contact with anyone who contacts us for help.

Additional sources of support include West Mercia Women’s Aid helpline 0800 980 3331

Our advice at this time is:

  • In an emergency, you should call 999 but if it is not safe to speak, press 55 so that the emergency services know that you are a genuine caller that needs help

  • Use the most safe way to make contact with us so that we can help you to make a safety plan

  • If there is not a safe way to contact us, think about making your own safety plan: on the Domestic Abuse page on the Rooftop website there is a link to a safety plan document, and an escape button if you are interrupted whilst on the web-page. We have also changed the URL on the page so that if your perpetrator is monitoring your browsing history, it will not be obvious what you have been looking at (this blog URL has been designed in the same way).

  • If safe, you can also check out the national Women’s Aid Covid 19 safety planning resource.

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