Service Requests and Complaints October, November and December 2019

We always welcome feedback of any kind, it helps us make our services for you better, and it shows us where we still have improvements to make.

Often your complaint is dealt with right there and then, that’s what we call a service request it’s when our service has fallen below your expectations.

If we can’t sort out the service request in a way that satisfies you, you may want to make (or move your service request on to become) a formal stage 1 complaint as laid down in our Customer Complaints Procedure and Complaints Policy.

In October, November and December we received a total of 142 Service Requests and a total of 5 stage 1 complaints.

In this period 139 service requests were resolved within our 8-day time scale. 3 were not. The average time to resolve a service request was 5.24 days.

5 Stage one complaints were resolved, all of which were responded to in our 15-day time scale to investigate and respond to complaints, the average time to respond was 6.8 days.

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