Service Requests and Complaints – July to September 2020

Each month we record the number of service requests (customer contact requiring action to be taken, including putting things right) and the number of formal complaints we receive. A service request may also be referred to as customer feedback. A complaint is raised when a customer feels their service request is unresolved after Rooftop has had the opportunity to put the matter right. The target for the 2020/21 full year (April 2020 to March 2021) is 24 new Stage 1 complaints, that is the maximum number of formal complaints to be received over the 12 months. Following the four new Stage 1 complaints that were received during the first quarter (Q1), April to June 2020, there were another six complaints in Q2; two in each month, July, August and September. At the mid-way point of 2020/21, we are on course to receive around 20 formal complaints throughout the entire year. To date, only one Stage 1 complaint has escalated to Stage 2 (appeal). This was in relation to aids and adaptations. The six formal complaints in the last quarter covered a range of topics: · Repairs (2) · Housing – Property Condition (1) · Grounds Maintenance (1) · Anti-social Behaviour (1) · HR Recruitment (1) The number of service requests received in Q2 was similar to Q1: 23 compared with 26 in the quarter ending June. Just over one-third of the 23 service requests in Q2 (8 or 35%) were about repairs. Likewise, approximately one-third (three out of 10) of the Stage 1 complaints received in the six months to September related to repairs. A breakdown by category of the 29 service requests and formal complaints received from July to September is summarised in the table and chart on the following page. Whilst the numbers are small, common themes can be identified: 10 cases were in relation to repairs (34%), six were about housing, mainly the condition of the property (21%), and there were four anti-social behaviour cases (14%), together comprising 69% of the service requests and complaints. The other nine cases in Q2 encompassed a range of seven different topics. Timescales for Responding to Customer: Service Request: within 5 working days. Resolution or update (agree on a date by which we expect to reach a resolution). Stage 1 Formal Complaint - Case Review: within 15 working days. Resolution or update (agree on a date by which we expect to complete our investigation). Stage 2 Formal Complaint - Appeal: within 15 working days. Resolution or update (agree on a date by which we expect to complete our investigation). Four service requests were responded to outside of the five working days timescale. One Stage 1 complaint was responded to in more than 15 working days. Therefore, 83% (24 out of the 29) service requests and formal complaints were responded to in accordance with the agreed timescales, as published in the Customer Complaints procedure on the website.

Service requests which escalate to Stage 1 complaints, or Stage 1 complaints which escalate to Stage 2 during the quarter, are classified and counted separately although they are a continuation of the same case.

Service Requests and Complaints commenta
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