Service Requests and Complaints July, August & September

We always want to get things right, but when we fall short, we want to learn from our issues.

There are many ways that you can let us know how you feel about our services, via email, telephone, social media, or letter. All of those initial service requests (where there isn’t a formal complaint but there is a request for better service, or an initial contact about something you feel we’ve got wrong) are brought together so we can see if there are any patterns, and so we can see if they are grumbles that can be quickly sorted, or come from raised expectations of what we do.

We do log all the service requests we get, even when they are about things that we don’t provide or aren’t responsible for.

Some of these initial service requests go on to become formal complaints most don’t.

Our complaints policy sets out what you can expect from us if a service request becomes a formal complaint. We will always report any change to our services that have come about because of a complaint or service request.

From July to September there were –

In this time there were six stage one complaints in July, one in August, and one in September. One complaint moved to a stage two, where senior managers become directly involved in investigating the issue.

The service requests we had were mainly around tenancy issues, repairs, and issues with contractors.

At the same time as receiving complaints we carry out resident and customer surveys and in the same period we achieved 94.4% satisfaction with our services.

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