Service Requests and Complaints – April to June 2020

Each month we record the number of service requests (customer contact requiring action to be taken, including putting things right) and the number of formal complaints we receive. A complaint is raised when a customer feels their service request is unresolved after Rooftop has had the opportunity to put the matter right.

The target for the 2020/21 full year (April 2020 to March 2021) is unchanged at 24 new Stage 1 complaints, that is the maximum number of formal complaints to be received over the year.

During the first quarter, April to June 2020, there were four new Stage 1 complaints. Two were in relation to data protection (customer data), one was about repairs and the other concerned one of our supported housing schemes. During May, an existing Stage 1 complaint in relation to aids and adaptations escalated to Stage 2 (appeal).

Although the number of new formal complaints continues to be in line with the volume received last year (circa two per month), service requests have declined significantly during Q4 2019/20, from 48 in January to 34 in February, reducing to 25 by March. This is perhaps not surprising given the unprecedented events that were unfolding at the time. By comparison, throughout 2019/20, an average of 42 service requests were received each month (507 in total).

Since the lockdown, there has been a further marked decline which stabilised at just six service requests per month in April and May. This has subsequently risen to 14 cases in June, as services are reintroduced whilst ‘business as usual’ is gradually reinstated.

A breakdown by category of the 31 service requests and formal complaints received from April to June is summarised in the table and chart on the following page. Whilst the numbers are small, 45% of cases related to repairs (12) and dissatisfaction with contractors (2 cases); there were two cases each in relation to programmed maintenance works, rent/service charges or benefits, data protection issues and the organisation as a whole (6.5% each); and the remaining nine, which accounted for 29% of the service requests and complaints, encompassed a range of different topics (listed overleaf).

Timescales for Responding to Customer:

· Service Request: within 5 working days.

Resolution or update (agree to a date by which we expect to reach a resolution).

· Stage 1 Formal Complaint - Case Review: within 15 working days.

Resolution or update (agree to a date by which we expect to complete our investigation).

· Stage 2 Formal Complaint - Appeal: within 15 working days.

Resolution or update (agree to a date by which we expect to complete our investigation).

Only one service request was responded to outside of the five working days timescale. All the formal complainants received a response within the agreed timescale of 15 working days. Therefore, 97% (30 out of the 31) service requests and formal complaints were responded to within the agreed timescales.

Service requests which escalate to Stage 1 complaints during the quarter, and Stage 1 complaints which escalate to Stage 2, are classified and counted separately although they are a continuation of the same case.

Service Requests and Complaints website
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