One of our residents received a scam call in the last few days – A person said that they were from DCBL Debt Recovery and that they owed Rooftop Housing £14,500 and they were coming to collect the money or remove property unless they received some sort of payment.

The resident correctly identified this as a scam and told us.

We will always support our residents who are in financial difficulties. We will work with you and we will call you directly to discuss any financial issues and if we can’t get hold of you we will write to you, and make personal visits.

If you get an unexpected call from people saying they are a debt collection agency working on Rooftop’s behalf…

1. Stay calm, and don’t be rushed. Scammers want you to panic and feel confused.

2. Do not give out any of your personal details, they may ask you to “confirm” details so you think that they already have them.

3. Hang up and call Rooftop on 01386 420800, we will be able to confirm the call is a scam.

4. Do not use any telephone number suggested by the scammers, only use the main Rooftop switchboard number from the Rooftop website or any correspondence you have received.

DCBL are a legitimate company and the scammers know this. DCBL have issued their own advice on what would happen if they were to telephone.

Please do share this with any vulnerable people in your community, especially those without access to digital communications. We are making our Neighbourhood Teams aware too.


John Rockley

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