Rooftop Rapid Response

Peter Stock, Elena Lovell, and Beverley Hiden

When a customer contacts us about a repair, we follow this up to find out if the issue has been dealt with satisfactorily.  This Star Survey highlights if there are things we could do better, because we don’t always get it right.

One of these surveys showed that a tenant in the Fairfield area was not happy, so within ten minutes Neighbourhood Officer Peter Stock visited the customer.  Her grievance didn’t disappear, but she is very grateful for the rapid response from Rooftop.

Neighbourhood Officers now have smaller patches and are seen out and about more.  This leads to more contact with our customers and helps the officers to become aware of issues quickly.  We also make sure that we carry out community door knocking regularly, so we can find out what’s going on.

Peter was accompanied by one of our Money Advisers’, Beverley Hiden and Income Adviser Elena Lovell, on one of these door knocking sessions and the results have been fantastic.  It’s led to;

  • A link up with the community pub in Fairfield for future joint working,

  • a Rooftop "drop in" service for money/rent advice/tenancy issues.

  • 2 starter tenancy visits done

  • An abandoned property identified

  • 2 abandoned vehicles identified

  • A rent arrears repayment agreement made at £5 per week

  • A referral for Building Better Opportunities Job Coach

More joint working with income and neighbourhood officers out and about is planned.  We may not be caped crusaders, but we do hope to listen and act as soon as we can.

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