Jackie and Owen

At Rooftop we pride ourselves on providing homes for our community, but we know it’s about more than bricks and mortar. 

Behind each door are people and thousands of them are dealing with their own difficulties.  

Behind one of the doors in our community is Jackie Barnett and her son Owen.  Jackie has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her son Owen is severely disabled and relies on his mum to do everything for him.

Owen is now 22, but he cannot communicate with words and physically has very limited ability.  He’s full of smiles but needs constant care.  Jackie asked for our help as she has only one concern, what will happen to Owen when she’s no longer around to support him.  We know about individuals through crucial members of the Rooftop team, our Neighbourhood Officers.  They keep in touch with our communities and build relationships.

Jackie wants Owen to stay in their home, which is one of our properties in the Wychavon area. Of course, we've said yes to Jackie’s request, having checked all the legal issues.

'There's a problem, and it's a big one.'

Because of the stress on health service budgets, the local health authorities have said that Owen can't stay in his home as the cost of 24 Hour individual care and support would be too much.

This has been a devastating blow for Jackie.

We can still help...

Jackie has a dream of writing a children’s book, thereby leaving a legacy that will allow other people to read the story to Owen, to help him cope with her loss and to reassure him that there are loving friends and helpers who will be there for him. 

Because of the circumstances Jackie has found herself in, we’re helping her to write her book and to get publishers and illustrators involved in her project.

If Jackie’s dream is realised, then the book may not only become a personal comfort and symbol of his mother’s love, but might also help provide money to fund the care and therapy he needs every day.

Jackie's Just Giving Page

We know that the Rooftop community is full of people who are dealing with a lot of issues.  We hope that we are more than just a Landlord.

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