Rooftop Business Plan 2020 -2021

Every year the leadership at Rooftop plan what the targets are for the coming financial year.

This year COVID-19 has moved some of the targets and added some new ones, these are the headlines.

Our mission is to build Great Homes and support Successful Lives by being a Better Business. This annual Business Plan sets out what we will achieve during 2020-21, the third year of our current five-year Corporate Plan to 2023.

At the time of writing, the world is facing an unprecedented global health crisis with the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, and the associated economic, social and personal damage it will inevitably bring to many people. This plan was therefore updated at 31 March 2020, based on what was known about the likely impact and how we believe we will need to respond as a business, for colleagues and above all, for our customers.

"We know that this year our role in supporting local people and communities will be more important than ever before in our 25-year history."

Our most significant challenge is the impact of COVID-19, which will pose huge challenges to so many in the communities of South Worcestershire and North Gloucestershire. The nature of the rural economy, limited healthcare infrastructure and rural isolation may result in specific impacts from COVID-19. We have strong strategic and operational relationships with our key local authority partners, and we will do all we can to work alongside them in mitigating the effects of the virus. When the time for rebuilding comes, we will be ready.

There is significant demand for social housing in our core operating areas, where many local people are either priced out of the market or face challenges affording good quality housing in the private rented sector. The high ratio of house prices to earnings across many of the communities where we work underpins strong demand for Shared Ownership.

Although the demographic profile of our residents is changing, the local communities which we serve are generally characterised by an older population living predominantly in market towns and rural villages. The ongoing impact of Welfare Reform and Universal Credit is contributing to rising rent arrears levels, while households continue to have to adapt to wider funding constraints in areas such as social care and local services. Loneliness and social isolation are also a particular issue for older people living in rural communities and we will continue to work to address that.

The December 2019 General Election resulted in a clear majority Government for the first time in a decade, and in doing so, presented short-term clarity around the commitment to Brexit. However, the final details of our trading and other arrangements with the European Union remain unclear. This will have an important impact in our communities where there are a significant number of EU nationals and an economic reliance on agriculture.

Our key objectives were revised as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began to cause shockwaves across the United Kingdom. We will keep our objectives under review, as the implications and impact of the crisis become clearer over time. These have been revised and compiled into our newly approved business plan 2020-2021 which you can view here.

Rooftop Housing Group Business Plan 2020
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Our biggest measure of success is to be an effective landlord. This means ensuring that our customers are kept safe, live in good quality homes and are satisfied with the services which they receive from us.

Rooftop Corporate Plan 2018 -2023

Rooftop is characterised by people with passion and purpose. It's at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. We have a long and proud history of making a difference to the customers and the communities where we work.

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