• Sarah Tempest

Our Job Coaches are Here to Help

Rooftop Job Coaches help to get people into work and training across Worcestershire as part of the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) scheme. Rooftop Housing Group are part of Fusion, a partnership between local Housing Providers and Voluntary Organisations and are proud to be carrying out the BBO project that is funded through the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Nick Bennett or Gemma McKay could become your dedicated Job Coach, and they offer a personalised package of support that is based on your own strengths, needs and circumstances. They are set targets to meet every three months and both Nick and Gemma have exceeded these and helped many people in these exceptionally difficult times.

Job Coaches will help you with your CV, Covering Letters, completing applications, getting ready for interviews. using computers or any other support you and your Job Coach feel you need.

Nick recently worked with Dave who came onto BBO after attending Job Club at Pershore Library. Dave had been out of employment for over ten years, after registering as a carer for an elderly relative. Dave was helped to create all the necessary job searching tools; CV, Cover Letter, Job Site Accounts etc., but he was very nervous about starting work after such a long time. To help with this, volunteering work was arranged at a local charity shop, sorting through donations, using the Till, and answering customers questions. This built Dave’s confidence, his work experience and helped to support his applications.

Dave has started a job collecting bins for the council in his local area, but he was very nervous ahead of his first shift. Dave was helped with preparing for his first day at work and spoke to his Job Coach before and after the shift which helped to settle his nerves. Dave has now been in the role for three months and says he is feeling more confident and energetic than he has for a long time.

Other roles that Building Better Opportunities participants have moved into include Forklift driving, Administration, Care, Yardman, supermarket, cleaning, and warehouse work.

There are a number of ways you can become part of BBO and Job Club is not the only route into working with one of our Job Coaches. You can be referred by the Job Centre, or by colleagues in Rooftop, such as our Income Team, Neighbourhood Officers or Money Advisors. You can also refer yourself, or someone you know, and you don't have to be a Rooftop tenant to join BBO.

Some people leave the programme with a job, others have a Job Search Outcome, meaning they have been armed with the skills to continue job searching independently.

The programme helps people to access a variety of courses to enhance skills and confidence. BBO can help you with funding and the registration process. Courses include topics such as CV writing, Job Searching, Information Technology Skills, Business Administration, Interview Techniques and more specialised areas such as Team Leading, Health and Social Care and Dealing with Challenging Behaviours.

Terry worked with our Job Coach Gemma. He was really pleased with the support he received and gave her 5 stars “She has helped me a lot after being out of work for a while” he says. “I now have a better idea of what I want to do and can do. Also, I now have an up-to-date CV. I have started a volunteering position locally that I really enjoy, and I have started a Warehouse Course online, that is the type of job I am looking to go into.”

Our Job Coaches work in partnership with other organisations and professionals who offer support to get into employment. Positive results make all the difference to Nick and Gemma as their goal is to help change peoples’ lives for the better. One of the Work Coaches they liaise with wanted to pass on their thanks to Nick from a client. This client has been out of the labour market for about 20 years and had lost all confidence, but since working with Nick he feels so much more positive and doesn't feel pressured to enter work until he is ready. The Work Coach said they could tell a change in the gentleman's voice, he is noticeably happier, more positive and more confident since joining BBO.

If you want to find out more about Building Better Opportunities, email bbo@rooftopgroup.org or phone 01386 420 800